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330-362-0361 pier48@pier48.org

Loading of Trucks Directly From Barge with Conveyor.

With direct Interchange to OH Route 7, access to OH State Routes 11, 39 and 45.  Also PA State Routes 30 and 68.

  • Pier 48 Stevedoring has a unique conveyor system be able to load trucks directly off the conveyor from the barge.

  • The conveyor at tower two has the structure capacity to receive trucks from a 25 ton semi dump trucks to 40 ton articulated trucks under the conveyor belt.
  • The conveyor system has built into the structure a 2 way reversing 48 inch belt for future expansion
  • The Mantsinen material handler and the Imperial Technologies conveyor was designed to handle 800 net tons per hour.
  • 1,800 ton barge of barite weighing at 185 pounds per square foot can be off loaded in 6 hours.
  • 1,800 ton barge of soy beans weighing at 42 pounds per square foot can be loaded directly into trucks in 11 hours.