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330-362-0361 pier48@pier48.org




  • Pier48 started in 2012.
  • June 2012 pier48 started operating the overhead bridge Crane
  • Our start was unloading coil • Approximately 2 barges a month was the average throughput.
  • With a agreement Pier48 took out a loan and purchased two clamshell buckets and materials to start offloading bulk materials.
  • Pier 48 purchased and took out a loan for a forklift ,SMV with the capacity to lift 62,000 pounds.
  • In 2015 Pier48 took out a second loan A forklift with the capacity to lift 73,500 pounds.
  • Virginia ,60 ton Capacity, TopRunning, Double Girder Overhead Bridge Crane
  • Capable to move Products from barge to dock, and the railroad siding,
  • 2 – 8 yard Electric/Hydraulic clam shell Buckets 275NT per hr. unloading rate
  • 2- 30 ton Coil C-Hooks
  • 2003 SMV , 62,000lbs. (31 nt.) lift capacity forklift2 Ohio Cat, Skid Steers + attachments
  • 2015 Hoist , 73,500lbs. (36 ¾ nt.) lift capacity forklift with coil ram
  • Since the beginning pier48 has peaked with some months offloading up to 32 and 35 barges.
    And this was done with the overhead bridge Crane. Working 6 to 7 days a week and as much as three straight weeks in a row. A lot of days working 14 to 16 hours and on one day we actually worked 20 hours. At this point the projections from Cimbar was to offload 20 barges per month alone.
This amount of business created the opportunity to expand.
To continue growth Pier 48 and the Columbiana County Port Authority continued with the original idea of the conveyor system
A conveyor system was in the planning stages before Pier 48 started operations for Cimbar.  2014 Plans was started for the expansion for the new conveyor system and material handler on the barge. The engineering and bidding process began December 2015 4.2 Mil expansion was starting to come online 120 Mantsinen Material Handler.
May 2016 – the expansion with the120 Manstinen Material Handler feeding a 48 inch conveyor belt system was successful completed.